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Entry #8

The Ellimist

2018-02-06 15:31:42 by MattDangerGoorahoo

Hello, my friends; May this message find you in good spirits and prosperity;  I've returned again to alert you to the imminent production of my newest NEW-new album! It is loosely based off of the character "The Ellimist" from K.A. Applegate's series' "Animorphs", in particular, based on his origin story, detailed in "The Ellimist Chronicles", which if you haven't read, is a fantastic and epic tale of pain, sorrow, space, type IV civilization beings, life, death, a planet sized graveyard, the destruction of a homeworld, gaming, and so much more. 

Brace yourself, it's gonna get weird. 

The album will feature a mix of instrumental songs and songs with something known as vo-cals, along with a few neat little audio nuggets in-between songs just to tickle your fancy. I'm very excited for this project to be done, and can't wait to bring to you a story which captivated my imagination growing up, and in a format that you've never known! Stay tuned here, and also on any of my numerous social media pages for updates, behind the scenes videos, and sneak peeks of the album, if you like those sorts of things! Thank you for all that you do, and 




my friends;

Matt Danger


P.S. you've got something on your face


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2018-02-06 15:42:37

I know I have something on my face, I was saving that jolly rancher for later. Thanks for noticing.